LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S officially recognized

Werner LEMBERG via Unicode unicode at
Sat Jul 1 04:34:56 CDT 2017

> >  Is it possible to design fonts that will render ẞ as SS?
> >  
> >  So we could choose between ẞ and SS by just selecting the proper
> >  font, without changing the text itself.
> I think, and others agree, that this is a bad thing.  Those who want
> SS can simply use 'S' and 'S', ẞ was encoded for those who wanted to
> use a capital form of ß.  They would be annoyed if they found that
> the typeface they wanted subverted their intentions.

It's even more complicated.  Take for example the word `Straße'
(street), which gets capitalized as `STRASSE'.  In Germany and Austria
this word gets hyphenated as `STRA-SSE' (since hyphenation is not
influenced by the ß→SS substitution).  However, in Switzerland it gets
hyphenated as `STRAS-SE', since Swiss German doesn't use ß; instead,
`ss' gets treated as a normal double consonant.


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