LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S officially recognized

David Faulks via Unicode unicode at
Sat Jul 1 04:06:07 CDT 2017

I think, and others agree, that this is a bad thing. Those who want SS can simply use 'S' and 'S', ẞ was encoded for those who wanted to use a capital form of ß. They would be annoyed if they found that the typeface they wanted subverted their intentions.
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 Subject: Re: LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S officially recognized
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 Received: Saturday, July 1, 2017, 2:51 AM
 Is it possible to design fonts that will
 render ẞ as SS?
 So we could choose between ẞ and SS
 by just selecting the proper font, 
 without changing the text itself.
 Or perhaps there will be a "font
 feature" to select this rendering 
 within the same font.

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