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În data de Sun, 9 Oct 2016 16:14:50 +0200, Philippe Verdy a scris:

> And the Noto project is not finished :
> - Its monospace can still be improved to cover more than just Latin
> and general punctuation.
> - Adding Cyrillic, Greek, and a few other scripts that work well in
> monospace styles (e.g. Hebrew, possibly Georgian and Armenian or even
> Cherokee) would seem a good future goal

I checked the NotoMono-Regular.ttf file [1]:
- Greek includes range U+0384 to U+03CE (less the reserved ones) plus U+03D1, U+03D2 and U+03D6
- Cyrillic seems to include the whole range, except for U+0487 combining mark
- Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian and Cherokee – blanks only

The NotoSansMonoCJKxx range is poorer in this area, but still includes the "basic" Greek and Cyrillic.


[1] from

Cristian Secară

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