"Oh that's what you meant!: reducing emoji misunderstanding"

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Thu Nov 17 17:31:34 CST 2016

Peter Constable wrote:

> E.g., how does U+1F624 “��” compare with U+1F62C “��”? A given user may
> perceive the two differently, and for either one a given user’s
> perception may differ when evaluating the depiction used in one app/
> platform versus another. They suggest that, if users gave a
> characterization of reactions to different emoji on a given platform
> (e.g., degree of emotion, how positive or negative) then an automated
> system could translate one user’s message to display an emoji to a
> second user that more closely reflects the emotion intended by the
> first user. 

Or, people could just say what they mean, using language.
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