Proposal not reviewed, what to do?

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Thu May 19 13:23:06 CDT 2016

Hi David,
I was present last week, and can relate the outcome. We ran short on time at the UTC, so L2/16-080 was postponed until the next meeting. What would be helpful, I think, would be to take on board the comments from and revise your doc accordingly (i.e., include the ones recommended for encoding, and, if you can, see if you can provide additional information on others).
With best wishes,
Debbie Anderson

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Although I am glad that mostof my recent proposals have been accepeted, it does seem that one of them:
was not reviewed at the recent UTC meeting.

I'm feeling a bit unsure of what to make of that, especially since that was the proposal I was most unsure about. The SEI recommended that some of the characters proposed there be accepeted and others not.

Do I do nothing, and wait until after the next UTC meeting? Should I try to submit a revised proposal? Should I assume some characters are likely to be encoded and only concentrate on others?

I would like any feedback ☺.

David Faulks

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