transliteration of mjagkij znak (Cyrillic soft sign)

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Thu Feb 11 08:36:51 CST 2016

In Ukrainian, for example, both “ь” and “`” are used.
“ь” is used for softer pronounce of the preceding consonant ( тіньовий ),
whilst “`” is used for splitting them, like if they were the first letter
in a word, even when the next vowel sounds soft otherwise ( пом`якшення --
the last “я” sounds softer the former one ).


2016-02-11 18:05 GMT+04:00 QSJN 4 UKR <qsjn4ukr at>:

> I can show an example of use both, prime (as soft sign) and apostroph
> (hemisoft) in Cyrilic-based phonetic transcription (Orthoepic
> Dictionary of Ukrainian,
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