Where are the tools to generate posix and json from cldr?

Karl Williamson public at khwilliamson.com
Thu Aug 11 13:29:21 CDT 2016

I can't find these that are mentioned in http://cldr.unicode.org/

"For those interested in the source CLDR data, it is available for each 
release in the XML format specified by LDML. There are also tools that 
will convert to JSON and POSIX format. For more information, see CLDR 

If you follow that link, the page contains this text:


"Note: Beginning with CLDR v21, the CLDR project will no longer publish 
POSIX-format locale sources as part of its distribution.  The POSIX 
locale generation tools will continue to be made available as a part of 
the release.  Developers who require POSIX compliant locales can 
generate them using these tools."

But I can't find those tools.

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