decode redesign

Johannes Bergerhausen johannes at
Fri Apr 8 11:48:46 CDT 2016

Dear list,

after 10 years it was time to redesign
I am pleased to report that a beta is online now. There are still some bugs.

It is responsive, so it works well on smart phones and tablets too.

There are 109,242 free SVG images of all 6.0 glyphs (from 66 different fonts).
SVG is vector based, so you can scale them. No pixel anymore.

We added confusables and informations about scripts from CLDR.
There are texts by Dr. Deborah Anderson (SEI) about each script.

For now it covers Unicode 6.0, but we are planning to update to 9.0 later this year.

Please send bugreports to info at

All the best,

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