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> If you were truly interested in creating a resource like an index over
> character descriptions in proposals, you would need to expect to
> source your own merry gang of helpers and find a way to organize them.
> The easiest way to motivate people is when the result is useful to
> them. That's why I keep coming back with my suggestion for a focused
> effort.

My goal is from the very beginning to describe characters useful for
encoding historical Polish texts, at least the most important and/or not
obvious ones.

My recent paper

is in Polish, but you can have a look and be surprised by some
characters needed to encode Polish texts and metatexts (linguistic or
lexicographical descriptions).

> You could think of it as a pilot project. Rather than tackling all
> possible characters

Actually I never had such a full index in mind.

> you would focus on some subset that shares some
> commonality, perhaps Latin extensions. You would have to solve many of
> the problems that Ken elaborated, but if they have an (at least)
> acceptable solution, then you would have delivered something useful,
> and provided a model on which others can build research into other
> repertoires.
> I'll step out of this discussion now, because as much as I would have
> wanted access to an index like you describe for another project I am
> involved in, I don't have time or good ideas to contribute at this
> moment.
> A./

OK, I understand.

I'm still looking for suggestions about a suitable software. An attempt
to use BitBucket wiki appeared so impractical that I had to abort it
after describing just a few characters:

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