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Rick McGowan rick at unicode.org
Fri Sep 11 13:07:47 CDT 2015

Doug, et al --

The primordial statement you're looking for is in TUS, Chapter 1 and has 
been there forever. See:


In section 1.1, page 3:

*Note, however, that the Unicode Standard does not encode idiosyncratic, 
personal, novel, or private-use characters, nor does it encode logos or 

I'm not sure UTC has ever made any specific pronouncement on the topic, 
but they do sometimes add things to the notice of non-approvals, which 
can generally be taken as a precedent.


If there is any such statement from the UTC, Ken Whsitler would probably 
be the one who could put his hand upon it most quickly. :-)


On 9/11/2015 10:25 AM, Doug Ewell wrote:
> I absolutely agree that UTC -- the technical committee, not the
> corporation -- should issue a formal statement expressing its position
> as to:
> 1. Generally, whether novel and untested concepts, particularly those
> for which a sizable body of popular support has not been established,
> are viewed by UTC as suitable and appropriate candidates for encoding in
> the Unicode Standard, on the basis of their perceived future usefulness.
> (I believe this statement has been made already; if so, a reference that
> can be easily cited would serve the purpose.)
> 2. Specifically, whether the particular concept that William proposes,
> to encode entities that are not characters into the Unicode Standard on
> the basis of their perceived future usefulness, is viewed by UTC as
> being suitable for and appropriate to the standard.

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