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Fri Sep 11 12:37:42 CDT 2015

BTW, the only way I see anything from Overington is when a message is
quoted by someone else, since I long ago filtered those out of my email

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On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 7:35 PM, Mark Davis ☕️ <mark at macchiato.com> wrote:

> I suggest that you create a proposal for the UTC so that it can go on
> record; I suspect it will get a favorable reception.
> Mark <https://google.com/+MarkDavis>
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> On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 7:25 PM, Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic.org> wrote:
>> William_J_G Overington <wjgo underscore 10009 at btinternet dot com>
>> wrote:
>> > If Unicode Inc. chooses to impose a moratorium on discussing this
>> > development in information technology then Unicode Inc. should say so
>> > officially and post a policy document and not have this unfair
>> > imposition of a moratorium by a person or persons unknown.
>> Finally, something on which William and I can agree.
>> I absolutely agree that UTC -- the technical committee, not the
>> corporation -- should issue a formal statement expressing its position
>> as to:
>> 1. Generally, whether novel and untested concepts, particularly those
>> for which a sizable body of popular support has not been established,
>> are viewed by UTC as suitable and appropriate candidates for encoding in
>> the Unicode Standard, on the basis of their perceived future usefulness.
>> (I believe this statement has been made already; if so, a reference that
>> can be easily cited would serve the purpose.)
>> 2. Specifically, whether the particular concept that William proposes,
>> to encode entities that are not characters into the Unicode Standard on
>> the basis of their perceived future usefulness, is viewed by UTC as
>> being suitable for and appropriate to the standard.
>> Whichever position is taken by this statement, pro or con, this list
>> should honor it.
>> > Also, it is not a worn-out topic. It is a wonderful possibility for
>> > the future.
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