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Luis de la Orden webalorixa at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 10:45:01 CDT 2015

Q1: It doesn't matter. These problems are inherent of the format the
discussions are constrained to happen: mailing lists. Mailing lists are
like the old postal service in the countryside, the mailmen would lazily
get to the house at the crossroads and dump everyone's mail there for the
whole community to collect.

Q2: It doesn't matter. Mailing lists are not organised around topics, it is
your free and conscious choice of topics that matters. I have no interest
in anything else than African Languages written in Latin characters, but a
mailing list forces us all to receive everyone else's emails. I neither
want to receive everyone's emails nor send emails to everyone. I want a
little corner where perhaps every other month someone will come by and talk
about Yoruba, Igbo, even off-topic religious concept of Yoruba divination
etc.. and that I will not hear about anything else until I *decide* to
browse around.

The biggest confusion going on here is that the model treats this list's
topic as "Unicode" whilst the reality is that Unicode is a universe of
diverse topics.

Another thing is that Unicode makes 10 - 15% of my main professional
interests as a User Experience Architect. For those amongst us that work
70% - 100% of the time with Unicode technology, email selection and
deletion makes sense but for others this is another stream of messages that
needs to be managed side by side with what they really work with.

Q3: It doesn't matter. Since now we all know I am just interested in
African languages, anyone can only assume that the value I am getting is as
much as these African Languages topics appear subtracted by as many times
all the other topics do multiplied by the amount of times I have to delete
something I am not interested.

And now testing an old functionality of mailing lists:


On 11 September 2015 at 15:13, William_J_G Overington <
wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com> wrote:

> I am grateful to Marcel for his comments.
> I received some email responses to my post entitled
> A song in Esperanto
> http://www.unicode.org/mail-arch/unicode-ml/y2015-m09/0056.html
> Only one of the email responses was in any way whatsoever critical of me
> posting that post.
> I responded and there was a continuing exchange of emails for a short
> while.
> I wrote two emails, the other person wrote three emails.
> There is the issue of netiquette so I feel that there is little more that
> I can add.
> However, I am entirely happy and indeed would be pleased for the other
> person who participated in the email exchange to publish to this mailing
> list a full, unedited transcript of the five emails if that person is
> willing to do so.
> I feel that in the discussion in this present thread it is important to
> remember the scope that the rules for the mailing list state.
> William Overington
> 11 September 2015
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