Latin glottal stop in ID in NWT, Canada

Leo Broukhis leob at
Thu Oct 15 17:46:46 CDT 2015

Along the same lines, should I be able to change my last name
officially to Ƃpyxᴎc? (NB all letters are codepoints with names
starting with "LATIN").

On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 1:06 AM, Marcel Schneider <charupdate at> wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 16:04:20 +0000, Denis Jacquerye <moyogo at>
> wrote:
>> The article uses the unicase ʔ U+0294 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in the
>> name Sahaiʔa.
>> [...]
>> The CBC’s March article and a MacLean’s article were using the unicase ʔ
>> U+0294 as well
>> [...]
>> The Toronto Star, Metro News Toronto had articles using the uppercase Ɂ
>> U+0241 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in the name SahaiɁa. This probably
>> should have been the unicase ʔ U+0294 or the lowercase ɂ U+0241 LATIN SMALL
>> [...]
>> Searching on the web, only a couple of pages (that are now offline) use
>> the lowercase ɂ U+0241 LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in Sahaiɂa.
> This raises the problem of yet another ambiguation, this one due to original
> diverging usages about casing vs non-casing glottal stop. Latin being a
> casing script, the glottal stop should be casing only. Since this is
> available, making an effort to unify the usage may be desirable.
> Here, this results in ensuring that Sahaiɂa and all other people with a
> glottal stop in their name will escape trouble with even more officialdom.
> Best hopes,
> Marcel

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