Latin glottal stop in ID in NWT, Canada

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> The article uses the unicase ʔ U+0294 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in the name Sahaiʔa.
> [...]
> The CBC’s March article and a MacLean’s article were using the unicase ʔ U+0294 as well
> [...]
> The Toronto Star, Metro News Toronto had articles using the uppercase Ɂ U+0241 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in the name SahaiɁa. This probably should have been the unicase ʔ U+0294 or the lowercase ɂ U+0241 LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP ([...]).
> [...]
> Searching on the web, only a couple of pages (that are now offline) use the lowercase ɂ U+0241 LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in Sahaiɂa.

This raises the problem of yet another ambiguation, this one due to original diverging usages about casing vs non-casing glottal stop. Latin being a casing script, the glottal stop should be casing only. Since this is available, making an effort to unify the usage may be desirable.

Here, this results in ensuring that Sahaiɂa and all other people with a glottal stop in their name will escape trouble with even more officialdom.

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