preliminary proposal: New Unicode characters for Arabic music half-flat and half-sharp

Michael Everson everson at
Sun Mar 29 16:40:56 CDT 2015

On 29 Mar 2015, at 22:41, sami shumays <abushumays at> wrote:

> Just one comment: the reversed flat is not commonly used in Arabic notation,

But is it used? 

> it is primarily a Turkish symbol.  The symbols Johnny is proposing are important so that we can have easy access to the symbols appropriate to our music.
> Though Arabic and Turkish music systems share many characteristics, they are not one unified system.  And Johnny and I are not experts in the Turkish system, although we have familiarity with it, so experts in Turkish music would need to weigh in regarding any additional symbols needed for their music.  For Arabic Music notation, the two Johnny proposes would be sufficient. 

This is why we should have detailed discussion about these and related characters. 

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