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*Important correction from my last sent email*:

*Only 34% from your list exceed 10% of **the average percentile (2.9%)**. *

This is serendipitously common (eg. the Earth:Moon albedo ratio is .36).
A relationship about motion and other natural properties and
charactetristics among the local texts begin to emerge.

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> Thanks Doug.  I did not know there exists a *representative* sample of
> the world's text. :)  I do know that 400 years ago there were about 10,000
> languages; now there are about 6,500.  Time flies!
> Your frequency chart is great.   The average char appearance is 2.91%.
> Only 34% from your list exceed 10% of it.  Therefore, U+0020 is the
> elephant in the room (ie. 15%.05% is far > 2.91%).   In fact, it's almost
> >50% greater than the next most-appearing character.
> So from the two frequency lists you've given me (my email and yours) we
> begin to see some patterns emerge.  Provided prior data and observation,
> most useful patterns prevail over other more obscure ones and present a
> provocative opportunity for webbers out there....While this is probably out
> of context for most of the 700 Unicode members, I can report that it's good
> news.
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