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> This is good because when the volumes of traffic begin to exponentially increase over a space, if there are predominant formulations of Unicode for each, they need to be recognized for a number of reasons depending on which sector or, as you say, corpus, you're in.


> In the above example, I think it's safe to say U+0020 online, though I would like to compare with the other 30 "space" characters you mentioned Markus.   If I know traffic figures for where the other space characters are used, I can draw a pretty good estimation and correlation of it.

ASCII characters are the safest to use online (everyone supports
them), except when they are the most dangerous (characters found
outside ASCII can rarely be used for tag/SQL/code injection). If you
want to know what people can display, look at the fonts that come with
the OSes that you're interested in. There's interesting things you can
do with this data, but if you want to know what's safe online, it's
way more important to be familiar with the basic preexisting character
sets then to know what the distribution of characters is. ~ and ^ will
work about everywhere, whereas á won't and ę is even worse, and that
has nothing to do with their frequency online.

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