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Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 14 23:32:12 CDT 2015

2015-03-14 17:17 GMT+01:00 Luke Dashjr <luke at dashjr.org>:

> P.S. Can someone disable (or soften) Spamhaus RBL for the Unicode mailing
> list
> (and/or private email servers for some of those CC'd)? Spamhaus has
> recently
> been abusing their RBL for putting political pressure on entire ISPs
> including
> the one my mail server is within the IP subnet of, despite that my mail
> server
> has never been involved in any spam.

All RBL lists should not be used blindly. They are only defaults and a
service (Unicode list servers) using such RBL should also maintain its own

And yes this is a problem ofSamphaus too if it cannot whitelist your own
subnet within its blacklisted IP range.

But is your subnet really declared with a stable IP range within a
*secured* whois or DNS database? Contact your ISP to get a stable IP range
or have it declared instead of being within the same shared block (may be
they will want you to subscribe and pay a fixed IP setting for your
server,allocated by your ISP outside its generic shared block,or publicly
marked as excluded from it with a specific subdelegation).
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