Some questions about Unicode's CJK Unified Ideograph

Andrew West andrewcwest at
Mon Jun 29 03:33:14 CDT 2015

On 28 June 2015 at 21:16, gfb hjjhjh <c933103 at> wrote:
> oh and by the way, could you (or someone else) please help look for the
> character ⿰亻革 also?

Not in the pipeline as far as I can see.

> Just seen a Chinese Wikipedia article introducing an
> ethnic group with the character as partvof its name
>亻革)家人 but without a proper character for
> so. The article sourced a CCTV program for ots origin.

... which calls them "革家", and so is not evidence for the existence of
the character "亻革"  (I don't doubt that the character exists, but
neither the Wikipedia article nor the CCTV web page are sufficient
evidence for it).

> And there seem to be a dozen more wikipedia article that contain unencoded
> han characters, as listed in

There are some 60 unencoded CJK characters in use on Wikimedia
projects (see,
which I include in my "BabelStone Han PUA" font (see U+F2D6..U+F2EF,
U+F2FD..U+F2FF, U+F3E0, U+F4C0..U+F4E1 listed at  The problem with most of
these characters is that Wikipedia is not a suitable source for
encoding, and evidence for use of these characters in printed sources
needs to be presented to the UTC and IRG for them to have any chance
of being encoded.

For an example of what you should do to get these characters encoded
see the latest revision of Ming Fan's "Proposal to add 94 Chinese
characters to UAX #45"


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