UDHR in Unicode: 400 translations in text form!

Eric Muller eric.muller at efele.net
Sun Jun 28 13:28:12 CDT 2015

I am pleased to announce that the UDHR in Unicode project 
(http://unicode.org/udhr) has reached a notable milestone: we now have 
400 translations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in text form.

The latest translation is in Sinhala, thanks to Keshan Sodimana, Pasundu 
de Silva and Sascha Brawer. Many thanks to them and to all the contributors.

There is still plenty of work: most translations would benefit from a 
review, and there are 55 translations for which we have PDFs or images, 
but not yet the text form (look for stage 2 translations).

The site has also been revamped a bit, with a more functional map, and a 
more functional table of the translations. The mapping to ISO 639-3 and 
BCP 47 have been updated to take into account the evolution of those 

Again, thanks to all the contributors, past, present and future,


PS: I believe I have taken care of all the backlog of contributions and 
comments. If I missed something, sorry, and please ping me again.

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