Summer 2015 Localizable Sentence Concept Assessment Experiment

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Wed Jun 24 09:51:21 CDT 2015

Summer 2015 Localizable Sentence Concept Assessment Experiment
Please use the Base Character followed by Tags concept to express two localizable sentences so as to facilitate transmission and reception of a message through the language barrier.
However, only plane 0 Private Use Area characters are used for base character and tags.
This is so as to use only Private Use Area characters because the Base Character followed by Tags concept applied to localizable sentences has not at this time been officially accepted, in fact at this time not having been put forward formally for consideration regarding official acceptance either.
Also, an all plane 0 initial concept proving may possibly be somewhat easier in practice than a plane 15 concept proving.
The experimental tag characters are the same meanings as, respectively, the tag characters U+E0020 .. U+E007E of regular Unicode.
The experiment needs to provide for at least the following.
Enter each sentence from a menu where the sentence is listed in English.
Selecting from the menu to cause the Private Use Area codes for the sentence to be included in a message, with the English text not appearing in the message.
Transmitting and receiving the message.
Decoding the message to produce the message displayed localized into Swedish.
The sentences are as follows, shown in English, then the sequence of code point descriptions, then shown in Swedish.
Good day.
U+EFFF U+EE31 U+EE30 U+EE30 U+EE30 U+EE31
God dag!
Best regards,
U+EFFF U+EE31 U+EE30 U+EE30 U+EE31 U+EE34
Vänliga hälsningar,
The translations are from the following post by Magnus Bodin.
Just in case the accented characters are displayed wrongly in either the mailing list email or in the archive, please know that there are only two accented characters and that the two accented characters are both the same and are as follows.
The character is listed in the following document.
Glyphs for the two localizable sentences are not necessary for this experiment, but should they be of interest and useful, please find attached an image of the two glyphs, the less complex one, at the left, being for Good day.
The following post is mentioned in case it is helpful.
As it happens I do not personally at present have the knowledge, skills and facilities to carry out the experiment and prove the concept myself.
Alas, there is no prize for participating, yet it is not a competition either.
Participation could however potentially have far reaching beneficial advantages for the future of communication through the language barrier.
William Overington
24 June 2015
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