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Tue Jun 16 12:47:58 CDT 2015

>It would be nice if you too, Mr Constable, thanks to your inside experience and relationships from your ISO activity, would help Mr Pandey to get heard at ISO Workgroup 2 and accessed the documents register. As everybody knows, every person who comes up with proposals deserves full attention, respect and consideration, especially when the person did already great work and got meritorious. ISO managers who persistently prevent workgroups from ethics, deserve to be moved from the responsibilities they do not fulfill.

The ISO WG2 chair is monitoring this discussion (as well as the 10646 project editor) and is very tired of it. ISO in the SC2 side of things is just a group of volunteers, who are doing their best at accommodating various needs. Anshuman knows me very well, he has all the consideration he deserves from the WG2 participants where his contributions are made. Also don’t underestimate the role of the Script Encoding Initiative which is in fact endorsing a lot of Anshuman work (including his contribution to UTC and WG2). Anshuman, I and a few others had some private exchange and I am sure he understands the situation better.

There are no ISO ‘managers’ that can act on your demand, unless I am the one by being the newly appointed WG2 convenor. BTW you can have my job if you think you are so much better. I thought I had explained the situation few days ago. ISO is not a monolithic organization, but most of us are unpaid volunteers who are barely recognized for their contribution. At the same time ISO has an infrastructure which needs to be paid for, we can all argue about the new directions that the overhead has taking but blaming the peons at the WG level is not doing any good.

BTW Peter and I are good friends, he is the Unicode liaison rep for both SC2 and WG2 and we are in frequent contact.

Everybody on the Unicode Mailing List is well placed to know that Unicode publicly reports about its activities and accepts public feedback. Quality insurance seems little reason for ISO not to accept input from outside national Standards Bodies. What are you knowing about the reasons ISO does not, and even recently narrowed its eligibility conditions?

Sorry, you have no idea what you are talking about. The day you can have a civilized conversation, maybe I will help you.

Michel Suignard

WG2 convenor, ISO/IEC 10646 Project Editor and Unicode Secretary (just to show that we work in some symbiosis), I also do most of the draft chart work for both sides. Been in the trenches in both sides for the last 25 years (and more).
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