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On Mon, Jun 15, 2015, Peter Constable 

> I suggest that people on this list that have not personally engaged directly in ISO process via their country’s 
> designated standards bodies should stop opining and editorializing on that body.
> ISO isn’t perfect by any means, but in the many years I have been directly involved in ISO process 
> I can’t say I’ve ever seen discrimination other than appropriate discrimination of ideas on technical merits.

Please consider that Mr Pandey reported a *new* rule change and *new* discrimination you canʼt have experienced in the past.

If you have carefully read the emails in this thread, you learned that this new discrimination is all but “appropriate discrimination of ideas on technical merits” which you refer to. You will be the more indignated, and the more you will welcome everybody who does the same.

Having the honor of discussing here, I take the matters (I know about) very seriously and I know since a long time that unfortunately, persons who are obliged to bodies by contract tend not to point out malfunctioning, so other people must help to point out and find ways to correct or improve. Even if scarcely expecting any thanks, I underscore that unfortunately I canʼt afford to do this every day because it takes time, normally I must think about, mature and consolidate. 

It would be nice if you too, Mr Constable, thanks to your inside experience and relationships from your ISO activity, would help Mr Pandey to get heard at ISO Workgroup 2 and accessed the documents register. As everybody knows, every person who comes up with proposals deserves full attention, respect and consideration, especially when the person did already great work and got meritorious. ISO managers who persistently prevent workgroups from ethics, deserve to be moved from the responsibilities they do not fulfill.

Everybody on the Unicode Mailing List is well placed to know that Unicode publicly reports about its activities and accepts public feedback. Quality insurance seems little reason for ISO not to accept input from outside national Standards Bodies. What are you knowing about the reasons ISO does not, and even recently narrowed its eligibility conditions?

Best wishes,
Marcel Schneider
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