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Tue Jun 16 12:11:07 CDT 2015

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015, Doug Ewell  wrote:

> Marcel Schneider wrote:
>> A free tool, the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, allows every user
>> to add U+02BC on his preferred keyboard layout

> I use John Cowan's Moby Latin keyboard, built with MSKLC, which is 100%
> compatible with the AltGr-less US keyboard and supports almost 900 other
> characters, including all of the apostrophes and quotes and dashes and
> other characters under discussion:
> I spent years designing and updating my own keyboard layout and studying
> other layouts. I've ended this quest since I started using Moby Latin;
> it's the best I've seen in numerous ways.

Yesterday late in the evening, I looked up John Cowans keyboard layouts. They are the best MSKLC based keyboard layouts Iʼve ever seen. They are memonic. I note that it naturally uses AltGr (right-hand Alt or Alt+Ctrl). In my last yesterdayʼs reply I reminded a multilingual layout from a research institute which really does not use more than two shift states. Itʼs not free.

Mr Cowan writes about some allocations being temporary until a new MSKLC version for chained dead keys is released. This MSKLC 2,0 is still not born and I fear it will never. IMO this is the result of the disinterest of many people. You and others probably represent exceptions. This goes so far that MSKLC is declared “appears very rarely” in the Acronym Finder. Normally the release and update of MSKLC should have created a buzz on social media, and today nobody would complain about missing characters. Well, I too complained one year long without knowing about MSKLC. 

Today, one year ago, I installed my copy of the MSKLC. Later I tried to define a universal Latin layout too, but when I was at 1,921 Unicode characters, I never could remind it. I gave up this way, itʼs hard to get on one keyboard, among other Unicode  characters, all 1,736 of 8.0.0 used in Latin script (if my subset is right). Do you know Ilya Zakharewichʼs approach?

Best regards,
Marcel Schneider
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