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On Mon, Jun 15, Philippe Verdy  wrote:

> But I think that keyboard should all have a dedicated Kana key to easily map additional groups without sacrificing other shift keys 
> on the last row: keyboards really don't need two windows keys and so the space bar can remain with a cumfortable width [...]. 

IMHO the space bar should not exceed five keys in width.

> If a Kana key or present, in fact it should be to the right of the right control, or ro the right of the right Shift

The best is always that the asymetric modifiers be actioned with the thumbs. If I had to choose between AltGr and Kana, I would prefer the latter because it does not interfere with Ctrl+Alt and does not disable dead keys on Word. But alternately we could map the MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE on the right-hand Alt key for a fluid input of high-quality text files.

> [...] Keyboards on notebooks are extremely poorly designed, a complete nonsense.

Yes there are many models from big manufacturers whose key dispatch I donʼt like. By contrast, my computer is a netbook, where nevertheless I find all keys I need, in an ergonomical array. Iʼm not bound, and Iʼm not paid to make adʼ. Itʼs just an advice. The manufacturer my netbook is from, shipped the same model for the United States *with* an Applications key, *with* a Pause key, *with* a second Function modifier key to the right, with up and down keys of the *same size* as left and right, and *with* an overlaid numpad: When you disable the numpad specials on a customised layout, you just press Fn while entering digits (or press the toggle before and after), the same as on Macbooks I read and heard. Itʼs Asus.

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