Unicode Terms of Use Clarification (was: Re: free download of ISO/IEC 10646)

Ken Whistler kenwhistler at att.net
Thu Jun 11 13:47:52 CDT 2015


Fixed. Please refresh your cached copy of 

For others who have been following this discussion, I'd like to make it 
clear that
the Unicode terms of use have *never* been intended to be construed as 
disallowing people from viewing or downloading any publicly available 
of the Unicode website or the various standards specifications and other 
posted there.

The "for informational purposes" part of the Unicode terms of use is 
to discourage anyone from engaging in commercial resale of the
content of the Unicode website or its standards, misrepresenting themselves
either as the Unicode Consortium or as somehow licensed by the Unicode
Consortium to do so, etc.

The "in the creation of products supporting the Unicode Standard" part of
the Unicode terms of use is intended to *permit* free use of the data and
specifications in the development of products, but to discourage
attempts to use the data in nonconformant or otherwise misleading
implementations that would undermine the intended open interoperability
of the Unicode Standard for all.


--Ken Whistler, Technical Director, Unicode, Inc.

On 6/11/2015 2:38 AM, Andrew West wrote:
> The Unicode terms of use <http://unicode.org/copyright.html> are far
> more restrictive, and state that "Any person is hereby authorized,
> without fee, to view, use, reproduce, and distribute all documents and
> files solely for informational purposes in the creation of products
> supporting the Unicode Standard, subject to the Terms and Conditions
> herein."  So if you are not planning to create a product supporting
> the Unicode Standard, you are not legally allowed to view or download
> any of the files comprising the Unicode Standard !

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