free download of ISO/IEC 10646 (was: Accessing the WG2 document register)

Mark Davis ☕️ mark at
Thu Jun 11 13:39:17 CDT 2015

​I think the whole thread got overheated, and Andrew was just responding to
other heated ​comments. So it might be time to let this thread cool off a

The collaboration over the years between the Unicode Consortium and ISO has
been, on the whole, a remarkable success. There have been frictions—as in
any human enterprise—but the parties have worked to smooth those over, and
to operate in good faith to incorporate the characters that are important
to each side. The rising bureaucracy on the ISO side has made progress and
collaboration increasingly difficult, but that did not originate with the
SC2 or WG2 participants, who are often just as frustrated by it.
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