Another take on the English apostrophe in Unicode

QSJN 4 UKR qsjn4ukr at
Fri Jun 5 04:43:49 CDT 2015

The conflict is between linguists and programmers. In plain text
apostrophe is a punctuation used instead letters (unreadable, one or
more) or as separator for avoid connecting letters into ligature or
syllable, between parts of composite word as well as inside the simple
word, or finally, as quotation mark. Yes it is ambiguous!
It is. It just is! Linguists say "It is. We see that. We know that".
And programmers say "That's wrong! We can't understand that". Just are
you so stupid if you can't!
Modifier letter apostrophe is a letter that used as itself and means
itself (ejective sound e.g.) only. Don't use it else. It just make
more confusion.

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