Another take on the English apostrophe in Unicode

Markus Scherer at
Thu Jun 4 16:34:27 CDT 2015

Looks all wrong to me.

"don’t" is a contraction of two words, it is not one word.

English is taught as that squiggle being punctuation, not a letter.
(Unlike, say, the Hawaiʻian ʻOkina

You can't use simple regular expressions to find word boundaries. That's
why we have UAX #29.

Confusion between apostrophe and quoting -- blame the scribe who came up
with the ambiguous use, not the people who gave it a number.

If anything, Unicode might have made a mistake in encoding two of these
that look identical. How are normal users supposed to find both U+2019 and
U+02BC on their keyboards, and how are they supposed to deal with incorrect

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