Input methods at the age of Unicode

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Sat Jul 18 15:44:49 CDT 2015

On 18 Jul 2015, at 16:58, Janusz S. Bien  wrote:

> cyrillic-translit and most other Emacs input methods are more 
> convenient than on-screen keyboard, especially if you don't like to 
> use mouse and your goal is to get the text into Emacs :-)

The OSK while working by mouse click too, does not require the use of the mouse/trackpad.

> > This is why, too, the goal should be 
> > to pack a reasonably large subset of Unicode into the very core of 
> > the keyboard driver of every locale, and make it accessible right 
> > there with a Compose tree.
> I don't think it would be practical.

Could you please explain in any way what is the reason why a Compose key, or a huge Compose tree, wouldn't be practical? I'm interested in knowing more about this issue.

> > Every time we open charmap dialogs or even go on the internet to 
> > pick a character, weʼre consuming some energy,
> Agreed.
> > and if itʼs a routine task that could be done with a memorized
> Memorizing also requires some effort and energy.

Like using the bicycle instead of the car... 

> > Of course we need some software as a savior, but this software is 
> > consequently called Zotero and helps us save and manage our research 
> > results (“Search, not re-search!”
> I have nothing against Zotero, but its mention here seems completely 
> irrelevant.

We just were talking about saviors.

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