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Manuel Strehl boldewyn at
Fri Dec 18 01:47:03 CST 2015

Thank you! Yes, that's an implicit part of the "I'd like feedback from the
people involved" :-)

In fact, if such a GET parameter existed, I could remove the dialog and
replace it with a simple link. This sounds like a good idea in principle.
(It would also fix Leo Broukhis' issue.)

Does anyone know, who is in charge of the actual form on the server, so
that I can get in touch?


2015-12-18 8:23 GMT+01:00 Max Truxa <unicode at>:

> If that's the only reason to post the form yourself, you could request the
> addition of an optional get parameter on the adoption page. If it's clear
> that this parameter is intended to be used by third party services the
> "stability problem" would be solved.
> Otherwise, great idea!
> Thanks for the comment!
> > As far as I'm concerned, the pop-up contents should end with the link
> > "Read more about codepoint adoption." In your brief description, you
> > might want to add a proviso about the temporary nature of character
> > adoption.
> Good catch! The 12-month period is important to mention. Putting the
> "Read more" at the end sounds good to me, too.
> > Submitting forms to a 3rd party site is a bad idea.
> In principle I agree, But here I do that on purpose (the purpose being
> to prefill the "codepoint to adopt" field). Since the form on the
> adoption landing page doesn't fill in values given via form submit, I
> decided to re-build it and let it post directly to the next step.
> -Manuel
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