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Max Truxa unicode at
Fri Dec 18 01:23:06 CST 2015

If that's the only reason to post the form yourself, you could request the
addition of an optional get parameter on the adoption page. If it's clear
that this parameter is intended to be used by third party services the
"stability problem" would be solved.

Otherwise, great idea!
Thanks for the comment!

> As far as I'm concerned, the pop-up contents should end with the link
> "Read more about codepoint adoption." In your brief description, you
> might want to add a proviso about the temporary nature of character
> adoption.
Good catch! The 12-month period is important to mention. Putting the
"Read more" at the end sounds good to me, too.
> Submitting forms to a 3rd party site is a bad idea.
In principle I agree, But here I do that on purpose (the purpose being
to prefill the "codepoint to adopt" field). Since the form on the
adoption landing page doesn't fill in values given via form submit, I
decided to re-build it and let it post directly to the next step.

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