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On 19 Aug 2015 at 17:18, William_J_G Overington  wrote:

> Suppose that someone suggests encoding LOCOMOTIVE MALLARD WITH TENDER LIVERIED AS PRESERVED SEEN IN A DIRECT SIDEWAYS VIEW FROM HER LEFT with a glyph five times as wide as high.

Do not forget that to be encoded in Unicode, an emoji must be highly iconic, Dr. Freytag explained on 03 Aug 2015 at 12:38:
So for *all* steam locomotives, we cannot have more emojis than the one we have at U+1F682 STEAM LOCOMOTIVE. This emoji's signification is polysemic and stays at least for all steam locomotives of any period and manufacturer, as well as for touristic oldtimer railway lines and stations.

> I remember that there was a trains font.

To implement the trains font in Unicode (or to implement Unicode in the trains font, I don't know well which way it goes round), the best would be to use the Private Use Area, as Mr. Kolehmainen recommended lastly for another purpose:

Using the Contact form is a very good advice. This would have saved Emma from the sarcastic comments that came first in thread.

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