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William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 19 07:55:23 CDT 2015

Otto Stolz wrote:

> You cannot suggest a new character just because it would be “nice to have”.

Why not?

The UNICORN FACE character has been encoded into regular Unicode following such a suggestion.

I sent in a suggestion for an OKAPI to be encoded and was informed that my suggestion would be added to "the pile" of suggestions.

It would be interesting to read what is listed in "the pile".

It might be an interesting social history document of present times.

Not just a list of items each suggested by many people, but a list of everything that has been suggested.

Suppose that someone suggests encoding LOCOMOTIVE MALLARD WITH TENDER LIVERIED AS PRESERVED SEEN IN A DIRECT SIDEWAYS VIEW FROM HER LEFT with a glyph five times as wide as high.

I remember that there was a trains font.

Suppose that a mobile telephone manufacturer included in a mobile telephone a collection of characters one each for a number of specific steam locomotives.

Returning to Emma's suggestion.

I suggest to Emma the contacting of Unicode Inc. using the following form.


Hopefully Emma will receive an official reply and her suggestion will become added to "the pile".

What being added to "the pile" presently means, or what it may become to mean, I do not know.

Yet I suggest that making the suggestion on that form would be a potentially useful thing to do.

I hope that Emma's suggestion is successful.

William Overington

19 August 2015

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