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> Sorry to be late to this thread. I'm the Program Manager responsible for MSKLC at this time. As far as the history here, I can only reiterate Michael's point that making significant changes to user32.dll faces significant, perhaps insurmountable headwinds. There would have to be compelling reasons to make any kind of changes here. If you have specific feedback for Microsoft on this issue, please follow up with me off line.

Thank you.

While *one* dimension of this thread is to get minor changes performed in order to asset ligatures support for 16 characters uniformly in Windows keyboard drivers, the main concern at the actual point of the thread is to know something about the actual support as well as at the time of MSKLC:

1. On Windows, up to how many characters may be inserted with one single key stroke:
1.1. At the time of MSKLC 1.0?
1.2. When MSKLC was updated from version 1.3 to 1.4?
1.3. At the time of Windows Seven, that is 6.1, Build 7601 (SP1)?
1.4. Today, that is on Windows 10?

It is supposed that a keyboard driver is used in whose source a ligature table is defined for whatever number of characters (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... 16, ... 32, ... 60, ... 100, ...).

2. Supposed that Windows supported more than four characters per ligature:
2.1. Why has the MSKLC been limited to four characters per ligature?
2.2. Who or what body made the demand of the limitation to four characters?
2.3. Why does the MSKLC Help state (Glossary - Ligature) that the maximum number supported by Windows is four characters?
2.4. How Microsoft dealt with user demands for support of longer ligatures?

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