Combined Yorùbá characters with dot below and tonal diacritics

Richard Wordingham richard.wordingham at
Sun Apr 12 05:40:20 CDT 2015

On Sun, 12 Apr 2015 02:27:09 -0700
Ilya Zakharevich <nospam-abuse at> wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 07:07:01AM +0200, Philippe Verdy wrote:

> > and map additional keys for the combining characters needed.

> Wrong — there is nothing special for combining characters.

He didn't say there was.

> Deadkeys
> (prefix keys) map UTF-16 codepoints to UTF-16 codepoints — but the way
> this interacts with multi-codepoint keys makes the Yorùbá input
> possible.

How does it interact?  I'm guessing that the first character of the
'ligature' combines with the dead key, and the subsequent characters of
the ligature are not lost.  Is this documented anywhere?


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