Combined Yorùbá characters with dot below and tonal diacritics

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Apr 10 13:30:22 CDT 2015

Luis de la Orden <webalorixa at gmail dot com> wrote:

> 4. In Windows 8 and probably earlier, combining diacritics (one code)
> added to a character (another code) misalign when cut and pasted from
> one document to another. If I typed Ẹ́ (capital letter e with dot
> below and combining acute) in MS Word and copied to Excel or vice-
> versa, the rendering would display something like Ẹ'.

This is almost always a font problem. Try experimenting with different
fonts and notice how some do much better than others.

On Windows 7, using Segoe UI, all of the combinations of {e, o, E, O}
plus dot-below plus {acute, grave} that you mentioned look just about
perfect. Windows 8 usually does at least as well.

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