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Mon Nov 10 17:53:35 CST 2014

Le 11/11/14 00:43, Jean-François Colson a écrit :
> Le 10/11/14 22:36, Ilya Zakharevich a écrit :
>> On Fri, Nov 07, 2014 at 02:39:58PM -0800, Garth Wallace wrote:
>>> I'm leaning towards "turned", "left rotated", and "right rotated" for
>>> the cardinal orientations,
>> Please keep in mind that left/right are especially bad terms to
>> describe rotations.  When you rotate the character cell about its
>> center, some parts move to the right, some parts move to the
>> left — both when the rotation is clockwise and counterclockwise.
>> Which of the words left/right LOOKS better suited to describe a
>> particular rotation depends on whether the top or the bottom OF WHAT
>> YOU ROTATE is more “visually important”.  (We saw it many times when
>> discussing the math of the rotations with small kids.)  Try to rotate
>> ↓ left ;-].
>>    (I believe that people associate left ↔ counterclockwise etc only
>>     because for many shapes, visually, the bottom is just a pedestal
>>     for the top.  So you “grab” the shape “on top”.]
> Look at this picture: 
> http://www.permisecole.com/code-route/priorites/faux-carrefour-a-sens-giratoire.jpg
> Imagine you sit in this car and you want to turn RIGHT. What will you 
> do? Will you turn the driving wheel

I meant “steering wheel”…

> clockwise or counterclockwise?
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