New Unicode Emoji draft, available for review

Rick McGowan rick at
Wed Nov 5 15:48:01 CST 2014

FYI, Posting this on behalf of Mark Davis... Something in his original 
reply message is apparently toxic to our mail gateway that it can't get 
through. (Investigating.)

May be the literal U+1F4A9, which I have (I'm sorry) redacted below.



 > Could be either one [U+1F4A9]
 > The exact contents of minimal and optional characters is something 
that we
 > want to get feedback on. But I don't think [U+1F4A9] is in the running!
 > BTW, I'm seeing about 250 new news articles on this, per hour (in 
 > Plus a scattering of others, s.a.

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