["Unicode"] tablature characters for the Chinese guqin

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Thu May 29 23:50:02 CDT 2014

Dear Werner,

China National Body had ever reported that they had a plan to
encode the character for the tablature, in IRG:

When I asked the progress of the plan in later IRG meeting,
they commented "nothing to report in the project". I wish if
there is something ongoing in Chinese Character Repertoire
project (oh, it was announced to be finished in 2015!).

BTW, a few (only one?) characters for the latter style are
sampled in a normal dictionary "CiYuan", and will be included
in CJK Unified Ideograph Extension F. However, I don't think
encoding only one glyph for the tablature is so useful -
there is any avantgarde number using only one note?


Attached is IRG42 t-shirt of a tablature(?) taken from Dunhuang
manuscript (Pelliot P3808).

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Folks,
> there are two different tablature systems for the guqin (a Chinese
> zither): 工尺譜 gōngchěpǔ and 減字譜 jiǎnzìpǔ.  Both systems contain
> various `composite' CJK characters like the two attached to this
> e-mail.  It seems to me that they aren't encoded in Unicode, and I
> wonder whether this is already on the radar, or whether they should be
> encoded piecewise.
>   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shenqi_Mipu_vol_3_pg_1.jpg
>   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kam_Hok_Yap_Mun-Yeung_Kwan_Sam_Tip.jpg
>     Werner
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