Call for the experts of U+3013

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at
Mon Mar 31 19:28:26 CDT 2014

Dear all,

Today I submitted a preliminary proposal to standardize
Variation Selectors for U+3013, so-called "GETA" mark.

The geta mark was introduced from JIS X 0208:1990 and
GB 2312-1980. When I check the original documents
including the geta mark, some of the representative glyphs
in these regional standards are different from original
geta mark. I investigated theoretically possible visual
shapes of the geta mark, and concluded the registry-based
standardization of the geta mark is a considerable option.

Unfortunately, the officially printed matters including
the geta mark is not popular (I found only a few books
in Japanese national diet library), so I want to hear the
comments from the geta expert for the official proposal.


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