Pali in Thai Script

Sittipon Simasanti sittipon at
Thu Mar 27 20:47:17 CDT 2014

> Very interesting ! we already have “Garshuni”, that is, basically, Arabic written in Syriac script (cf., extended to other 
> languages, as Persian, Turkish, Azeri Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Malayalam, Latin (cf., 
> Ancient Greek (cf.… and even a kind of “reverse-Garshuni”, that is Syriac in 
> Modern Greek script (cf. !… That’ what George Kiraz called 
> “garshunography” (cf.
> And now, Pali. Not Thai in Pali script, but Pali in Thai script…

As far as I know, Pali doesn't have its own set of characters. It is often written using languages' characters where its users are familiar with.
The important thing is its voice should be the same no matter what character set you are using. We already have Pali written using Thai script.
This is not entirely a new one. Just a few changes to make Pali written in Thai sounds more like written in other languages.

> Do you know how many languages are concerned by this “Paligarshunography” ? Since ho many centuries ?

I have no idea. But, should be a lot. Since our neighbors, Lao, Myanmar also have Pali written in their languages. 
And we also have Pali written in English alphabets in our database too.


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