Unicode : Greek Extended.

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Mar 17 09:16:16 CDT 2014

Jean-François Colson <jf at colson dot eu> wrote:

>> Some fonts don't display this correctly; they show the macron
>> partially or completely to the right of the base letter, instead of
>> directly below it. The solution is to use another font, and to ask
>> font vendors to fix this combination so it looks decent.
> "(2) Fonts are much harder to create. Instead of just needing a
> graphic designer to draw characters, you now need to a programmer as
> well, who understands OpenType tables. [?] Again, HackAscii wins."

Richard wasn't suggesting HackAscii in this case. He was suggesting 
newly encoded precomposed characters.

[Richard's original post was to the ietf-languages list, perhaps because 
he isn't signed up for the Unicode list. I replied privately, but 
Richard's subsequent response was cc'd to several people and also to the 
Unicode list. The response didn't make it to the list, but my reply 
(sent from my phone, where I didn't notice all of Richard's recipients) 
did. So I think we can close this by pointing out, again, that no new 
precomposed characters of the form "existing base + existing combining 
character" will be encoded, ever.]

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