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Fri Mar 14 08:21:53 CDT 2014

On 2014-03-14, Alex Plantema <alex.plantema at> wrote:
> Colouri(z|s)e isn't in my dictionary; colour is already a verb as well.

Get a better dictionary. The word has been in the language more than
four hundred years. It currently has a fairly common technical meaning
of "adding colour to old monochrome photos or films". In any case, you
don't need a dictionary, because -ize is a productive formation.

> Btw, font is spelled fount in British English.

Suggest you don't propound on languages other than your own.
That used to be true in the days of metal type, although even so both
spellings have been in use through the last few centuries. Then,
"fount" was a technical term that few people would have cause to use.
With the advent of computers, the "font" spelling has completely
supplanted the "fount" spelling in everyday usage.
Within the industry, some current British letterpress printers use
"fount" for metal type and "font" for digital type, while others use
"font" for both.

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