Colour font, color font, colourfont, colorfont

Alex Plantema alex.plantema at
Fri Mar 14 07:36:15 CDT 2014

Op vrijdag 14 maart 2014 12:41 schreef William_J_G Overington:

> Colour font, color font, colourfont, colorfont
> Many documents use the American English, color font.
> Yet will the International Standard use the en-gb-oed English colour
> font as the spelling and also spell colourize with a -ize ending?
> Would it be better to use colourfont as that would be more easily
> searchable on the web and would, perhaps, be more precise as to
> meaning and reduce the possibility of ambiguity?
> How would the term be expressed in other languages?
> Would German use a new single word?
> What would be the term in French?
> How would the name of the technology localize into the languages of
> the world?
> Is it a good idea to try to standardize the parlance and the
> localization of the parlance of the technology now?

Colouri(z|s)e isn't in my dictionary; colour is already a verb as well.
German: Farbenschriftschnitt, French: Fonte de caractères en couleurs.
Btw, font is spelled fount in British English.


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