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A few years ago there was a company in Australia that was developing a
multilingual language called Protium Blue. The lead was someone named
Diarmuid Pigott. As far as I can tell, the project has come to an end, but
one can still find bits about the project, e.g. this:


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> On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 11:14 AM, J. Leslie Turriff
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> >         All true; but do any languages allow for keywords (if, then,
> else, do, while,
> > until, end, iterate, leave, call return, exit,...) to be expressed in the
> > programmer's locale?
> Both ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68 had compiler dependent source
> representations, so the Europeans could use their own words for
> keywords and use commas as decimal points. I'm pretty sure no one had
> invented the concept of a user's locale yet, but it would probably
> come configured for whatever local locale you wanted. (I assume for a
> machine that cost $14 million in 1966, such adjustments could be made
> for a single customer.)
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