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I am forwarding the following response to R Wheelock's original posting from
Chris Harvey, who has just re-subscribed to this email list.  


(Chris worked with Michael Everson on the "Proposal to encode additional
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics"
[], and has long
been involved in work on indigenous languages and support for them in
keyboards, fonts, etc.)


--Debbie Anderson


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> There are quite a few missing syllablics characters:

> .The character for the syllable lhai (lhe) (like a horizontally 

> mirrored lhi, or a rotated lha)


The dialect that uses /ł/ does not have the ai-series diacritics in the


> .The characters for the entire sp- series (shown on Wikipedia's 

> article on UCAS as copies of ZESS, Z, N, and Russian Cyrillic 



The sp-series was never used outside early experimentation with Cree
syllabics. No language has ever used them.


(Note: In Canada, where syllabics are used, it's spelled Inuit, not Innuit.)




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