Noto adds CJK, plus new user-facing website

Whistler, Ken ken.whistler at
Wed Jul 16 12:08:51 CDT 2014


Everybody recognizes the potential risks of getting out too
far over one's skis in implementations, but this particular one
seems a relatively small risk. Seldom (if ever?) has a NB
objected in ballot to these small repertoire additions that
have periodically been tacked on at the end of the URO
range, once they have been reviewed and gone into ballot.
Everybody recognizes that these 4 are needed. So for
Adobe Source Han to implement early, given the lead times
involved, seems like a smart move to me. It is just additional
incentive for the various NB's involved in the ballot review
to not mess with the code point allocations for these 4
during ballot comments. ;-)


> Fantastic news, but I personally think that the decision to include
> the four characters at U+9FCD through U+9FD0 in the Adobe Source Han /
> Noto Sans Simplified Chinese fonts (and U+9FD0 in the Traditional
> Chinese fonts) is extremely premature given that these characters have
> only just been added to the draft repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2014
> Amd. 2, and have not yet completed even their first round of the ISO
> balloting process.  As such the code point allocations are not stable,
> and should not be used in fonts for public consumption.
> Andrew

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