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2014-02-24 6:29 GMT+01:00 Michael Everson <everson at>:

> > On Sun, 23 Feb 2014 20:49:24 +0100 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at>
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> >> It seems surprisng that Michael Everson asks the question, when he
> >> already knows so much about Unicode algorithms (but may be less about
> >> notations used in CLDR data)
> Do me a favour, Mr Verdy. Don't think about me. Thanks.

Why? Didn't *you* ask the question to the list?
If you don't like the replies, that's possibly because you did not ask the
correct question or what you need to confirm. Or may be because you may
want to get opinions from others on something that is highly subject ot
variations and not really a widely adopted standard (the UCA algorithm is
standard, not the notations for tailorings and even the CLDR data has
changed is several times).
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