Aw: Astrological symbol for Pluto?

Andrew West andrewcwest at
Mon Feb 3 07:29:22 CST 2014

On 3 February 2014 13:14, Shriramana Sharma <samjnaa at> wrote:
> In any case, it seems its astronomical symbol was encoded quite early
> (DerivedAge = 1.1) which was before the 2006 IAU decision to demote it to
> dwarf planet status. Of course, even if it were encoded today I'm sure it
> would be the only dwarf planet to have a symbol encoded since no other dwarf
> planet has captured the common man's imagination (and basic knowledge) like
> Pluto, and I have not heard any of the other dwarf planets (Ceres, Haumea,
> Makemake and Eris) having any symbols...

Well, there are no fewer than four unencoded astrological symbols for
Eris according to this Wikipedia article:



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